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Tired of Writing Those Blogs Every Month?

What Do You Offer Your Customers That No One Else Does?

This is the most important question you need to answer in order to grow your business. We take the answer, also known as your value proposition, and make it the cornerstone of all your content. Every piece of writing emphasizes why your clients need YOU.

Kim Schmutzler Web Content Developer

I partner with several web design agencies as both their writer and content marketing specialist. It's my job to sift through data and incorporate trending keywords into factual, relevant material for their clients. My words draw traffic to their websites, convert their customers, and sell their products. It’s more than just writing. Content marketing is a tool that improves both your organic and paid traffic. It determines where you fall in the search ranks, and it establishes your credibility in the marketplace.  

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We understand that small businesses and start-ups often operate on tight budgets. After successfully starting and managing four successful businesses, I get it. That's why iWrite 4 Hire works hard for those just starting out. 

i Write 4 Hire Provides Content Packages for Digital Web Agencies

Many of our clients come to us through their website designers. We work closely with digital agencies developing content architecture and strategies from the very beginning. 

Here is the bottom line - We are a small company working for other small companies.  If we achieve success for you and your business, then we can brag about it and we will be successful too.  It's a win-win situation for us.

The Business Principle Guiding Our Work

Do More Than Is Required  - Before It Is Expected

The Story Behind iWrite 4 Hire

Like a lot of women, I felt the conflict between career and home. In 2004, I started a small used book business on Amazon. My warehouse was my basement and my kids were my employees. By 2011, I had five additional employees and we sold books on eleven different sites, including our own website.  I hated it - the money was good, but the only part I really enjoyed was fiddling with the websites, so I decided to close it down and do something else.

I switched to writing and building websites. My educational background was in computer programming so it seemed like a good fit - and it was. Now, I use my background in computers, my experience as a small business owner, and my love of writing to help others build their businesses into profitable ventures. I love what I do. For me, it's not just about collecting a paycheck.

 ​Success Is NOT Mesured by Money - Success Comes When You Are Recognized as an Expert in Your Field

I once asked the Vice President of a nationally recognized company what "success" meant. His reply was that success is not measured by money. You are a "success" when others recognize you as an expert in your field. With that in mind, we work for your success by helping you establish credibility within your industry - which in turn, adds to ours.

Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Have you thought about who in your company will handle the blog? Website Maintenance? Social Media Posting? Ad Campaigns? Rank Reports? Landing Pages? Newsletters? Email Campaigns? It's a full-time job to do it right.

blog development

Start with Landing Pages and Blog Development. Build a Strong Website with Internal Links and Good Keywords.

email content development

Build a Database and Reach Out to Clients on Social Media, Email, and With Newsletters. Continue to Add Content.

reporting and website maintenance

Maintain Your Website and Update as Necessary. Explore Ad Campaigns and Monitor Performance.

We Offer Three Stages of Service

  • Service Level #1 - Building 
    Request your free website analysis. Once that's been done, you will have a detailed list of all our recommendations for every level. Typically, the Building stage involves a Content Audit, Keyword Analysis, Landing Page Optimization, and Blog Development. 
  • Service Level #2 - Furnish
    Once the architecture is in place, then it's time to fill the space. Level #2 typically includes regular Blog Posts, Social Media Postings, and Content Development (such as downloadable material).
  • Service Level #3 - Maintenance
    Once everything has been built, it's time to keep it in top-working order. At Level #3 we offer regular Reporting, Oversight of Your Website, Continuous Blog Posts, and Custom Projects.

Affordable Content and SEO Services

Recently, I saw a Facebook Ad titled, "Tired of Dealing With Small Budgets? How to Find the Big Fish."

That's when I realized what MY unique value proposition was. I like working with small businesses. If you are trying to get off the ground and don't have much to work with, you are in the right place. We offer professional content marketing services with proven results specifically to small business and start-ups. That includes those that find us through Digital Marketing Agencies.

No Business too Small - But What About Too Big?

The ultimate goal for us at iWrite 4 Hire is to build long-lasting relationships. Our hope is that we can be there every step. Ideally, the day will come when you outgrow the "start-up" label. We won't abandon you. As long as you need us, we will continue writing quality custom content for your website.

We Came Up With the Perfect Content Solution

Here it is: Content Packages

We offer three different levels of service. Each one builds on the previous one so that you have a fully developed content strategy.

The components of each package might change based on your website analysis but the price does not. If you already have certain elements in place, we may substitute from one of the other packages.

  1. Website Analysis - Basic Content Audit - Keyword Analysis - Optimization of 2 Landing Pages - 2 SEO Blog Posts  - $250
  2.  Lead Database or Downloadable Material - 1 Month of Automated Posting on 3 Social Media Accounts - 1 Newsletter - 2 SEO Blog Posts - $300 
  3.  Monthly Reporting - 2 Monthly Blog Posts - Content Maintenance - $150/month
woman typing seo content iwrite 4 hire portfolio image

What People Say About Our Content Solution

John Doe UI/UX Designer
“I really enjoy working with Kim. Her work habits are hard to find. Kim takes initiative and ownership and gets it done. She's highly flexible, and I feel could write for any scenario. I love how she keeps my updated and always in-the-know. Thank you Kim

No Business Risk - No Hassle

I don't like it when I get spammed and for that reason I'm reluctant to give out my email.

You have my WORD! You will receive exactly 3 emails from us once you request your analysis:

  • Acknowledgement of your request and some questions about your website
  • Your completed analysis
  • A follow-up to see if you have any questions

After that the ball's in your court.